Psychic Seduction – What It Can Do For You

What Psychic Seduction Can Do For You…

Psychic Seduction is something that happens all the time, even with those who are not aware of it.

Many people have the idea that psychic seduction is somehow a way of doing remote psychic influence to another person for the purpose of psychically dominating them.

It can be used that way, although I wouldn’t refer to that as psychic seduction, but instead a form of psychically dominating others.

What those who go down that path fail to realize, however, is that they themselves are psychically dominated by their own thought forms.

And trying to attract someone by dominating them won’t work for everyone.  It also fails to take in to consideration what it is you like, respect, value, and appreciate about the other person.  It fails to take in to consideration how to form a positive relationship with the person once you do attract them.

A much more intelligent way of doing psychic seduction is to learn how your own mind works, to connect with your own three minds – conscious mind, subconscious mind, and super conscious mind – telepathically, to open up that channel of communication and understanding, and then to bridge those same skills to learning how to communicate more effectively with others.

One of the best books on the planet regarding psychic influence and psychic abilities is Thomson Jay Hudson’s book The Law Of Psychic Phenomena. In it, Thomson Jay Hudson shows how to use hypnosis for the purpose of using your whole mind, instead of just a part of it, for the purpose of unleashing your full psychic potential.

However, whether you choose to cultivate that ability or not, you still have psychic communication with those you are connected with AND, through your energy field, you are telepathically communicating information to others whenever you are in close proximity to them.

In other words, telepathic communication takes place with those we are connected with and those we come in contact with, whether we like it or not.

So if you’re a guy wanting to use psychic seduction techniques to meet women, if you’ve not taken care of your own insecurities, hurts, fears of rejection, bitterness, etc., that gets communicated to the women you want to connect with at the psychic level.

Of course some of them will be attracted to it, but when that happens, you’ll end up wondering why you’re a crap magnet instead of a love magnet.

So you learn first to control your own thoughts and emotions, to fulfill your own emotional needs instead of coming across as needy, and then you use your techniques to attract more QUALITY in to your life.

Remember that energy flows from a higher to a lower concentration. So if you come across as bitter, angry, needy or having issues with people from past hurts, that acts as an psychic vampire energy field and will only attract those types who are attracted to that sort of thing.

So instead, you fix your own energies so others feel GOOD around you.

Then your psychic seduction skills have a power base that is coming from deep inside you, a powerful, persuasive, compelling you who knows how to enjoy life and get the most from your life no matter what anyone else says or does.

And when you can come at psychic seduction and influence skills from that position, you are infinitely more compelling, attractive, and charismatic.

So what are some of the things you can do with psychic seduction?

  • You can attract that friend you’ve wanted to be your lover.
  • Help resolve family conflicts
  • Get along better with your co-workers
  • Improve your sales
  • Find and attract the love of your life
  • And much, much more!

Once you learn the skills and make them your own, you can use them in virtually every area of your life that’s important to you.

That’s why psychic seduction skills are near the top of my list of the best skills I’ve ever learned.

So what sets this apart from some of the other “psychic seduction” stuff out there?

For one thing, instead of trying to dominate, force, co-erce, and mind f*ck others in to doing your will, I instead show you how to use the way people think and are attracted naturally.

In addition to using your own energy field and energizing it so that you have more psychic seduction “charisma and charm,” you want to also know how to covertly and conversationally hypnotize others so that they are more receptive to your message.

The BEST time to do psychic influence is when the other person is asleep in that part of their sleep cycle where they are most open to psychic influences and psychic seduction. The next best time to do it is when the person is in a hypnotized state (or as Thomson Jay Hudson would say, a “subjective state”).

More on using conversational hypnosis and thought forms to send mental suggestions to others if enough readers are interested.  Comment below and let me know.